B SYS Ltd. – Sofia – is founded in 2000 as a private company with main activities:

•  construction design and engineering;

•  design, production and engineering implementation of construction projects, in particular aluminium and plastic constructions, suspended facades, ventilated facings, sun-shading systems and automatization systems;

•  implementation of photovoltaic power stations;

•  BIPV – design, delivery and installation;

•  integral solutions for managing the building micro-climate (Building Management Systems;

•  solar heat-colectors.

The company has fully operating production line, equipped in highly productive digital machines from Elumatec – Germany. The company has developed policy for raising our production potential and increasing our product range embodied in Plan included in our Quality Management System. This system has been approved by Lloyd`s Register Quality Assurance at 17-th March 2009.

The motivating work atmosphere and high professional qualification of the staff are assuring the professional abilities and guarantee the quality the work and the ability to keep up with the agreed project schedule of the company – sign for which are the numerous projects completed over the years since our start in 2000.

The company aim is to deliver solutions according to client demands both architecturally and towards meeting the energy requirements for the building. Considering the facade construction as an intelligent shell, connecting the building with the environment, we research the possibilities for fitting in it systems and installations which are traditionally treated as independent parts. Controlled ventilation and illumination, automatization, energy out-put and power supply are only a part of the possibilities. This is the way we are able to ensure the desired exterior design while benefiting from all modern technical solutions.

Important outcome of our work is the possibility for our clients to make a profit of their own contribution in preservation of the environment.

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